​Energy certificate of a Spanish home, What to know?

Since 2013 it is necessary to have the energy certificate to sell or rent a property in Spain.

It is necessary to renew it every 10 years although there are some exceptions.

The energy certificate is a document prepared by technicians that evaluates all the energy aspects of the home: Energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions.

The report have different annexes,  an energy label is obtained with ratings between A (higher energy efficiency) to G (lower energy efficiency).

The technician who prepares the report must be qualified, having a degree to carry out thermal installation projects or professional qualification to carry out energy efficiency certificates. Its cost is usually between 60 and 150 euros, depending on the region and the surface of the property.

The energy certificate includes, among other information, the location and surface of the property, its orientation, the thermal envelope, thermal installations, demand and energy consumption.

It gives recommendations to increase the energy efficiency of the home and includes the tests and inspections carried out by the certified technician.

When we present the energy efficiency report to the city Hall, the energy label of the property is obtained, which collects, together with the data of the house, its rating on the scale from A to G, energy consumption and the estimated emissions of carbon dioxide.

Cases in which the energy certificate is mandatory:

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism requires since 2013 the energy certificate, in addition to new constructions, for all homes that want to be rented or sold. It must be presented when carrying out the operation, so that the person who rents or buys the property is informed of the energy efficiency.

Cases in which the energy certificate is not mandatory:

The presentation of the energy certificate for rent or sale is not necessary in some properties:

- Buildings with architectural or historical value, or those protected because they are part of a declared environment value, in the event that actions to improve energy efficiency involve an alteration of their character or appearance. 

- Buildings or parts of buildings used exclusively as places of worship and for religious activities.

- Provisional constructions whose expected period of use is equal to or less than two years.

- Non-residential industrial, defense and agricultural buildings, or parts thereof, with low energy demand. Areas that, such as those for workshops and industrial processes, do not require guaranteeing comfortable thermal conditions, are also considered as low energy demand.

- Properties with a total useful area of less than 50 square meters. 

- Buildings that are purchased for major renovations or demolition.

- Buildings or homes whose use is less than four months a year, or for a limited time a year, and with an expected energy consumption of less than 25% of what would result from its use throughout the year.

Not only is it mandatory for any home that you want to rent or sell, which is outside of the above requirements, the energy certificate label must be displayed in a visible place in all private properties that are regularly frequented by the public and have a surface area larger than 500 square meters, also in those occupied by public authorities with more than 250 square meters.

The energy certificate is valid for 10 years, after this period it must be renewed.

Sanctions for not having the energy cetificate in Spain: 

Not having the energy certificate when renting or selling a property, falsifying data or not delivering a copy to the tenant or buyer, is considered an infraction that can be sanctioned with fines between 300 and 6,000 euros.

Minor offenses (fines between 300 and 600 euros) are:

- Advertise the sale or rental of a property without indicating its energy rating in the advertisement.

-Do not display the energy label in the cases in which they are mandatory.

-Do not renew the energy efficiency certificate after its validity period. 

Serious offenses (fines between 601 and 1,000 euros) are:

-Not present the energy certificate to the competent body of the city Hall, buyer or lessee.

Very serious offenses (fines between 1,001 and 6,000 euros) are:

-False information on the energy efficiency certificate.

-Act as a qualified technician without meeting the requirements.

If you want to make sure the energy certificate of your property in Spain is all correct, we can help you, we have been selling and renting properties in Spain for over 15 years now. Give as a call or drop us an email or if you rather meet up with us, our main office is in Guardamar del Segura, Alicante. 

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