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new construction costa blanca real estate alicante

Advantages of buying a new construction property in Costa Blanca

During this economic crisis we are experiencing, due to the coronavirus pandemic; statistically the interest in new-build housing has not decreased for Naranja Spain Real Estate. It is even worth noting, the small increase in buying new-build homes in Costa Blanca.


What is a new construction home for legal purposes in Spain?

We tend to think that a new construction home is the same as a brand new property, but this statement is not totally correct.

The concept of "new construction" does not refer to the property itself, but rather to a construction verified in the Spanish Property Registry; if it has been or is being built on land.

New construction is also considered to be the rehabilitation or extension of a building already built on land, as long as the property is recorded in the property registry.

Some factors to consider if you opt for a new construction home in Spain

Naranja Spain Real Estate chooses the most interesting advantages of buying a new-build home in Spain.

  • It will not be necessary to carry out reforms in the long term.
  • It allows you to choose the correct orientation for each of your home’s rooms.
  • Distribute the space of your home as you want, according to your needs.
  • You can choose the materials that best suit your taste and style, being more advanced and top quality materials.
  • Another benefit is that as of this year 2021, new buildings have to be sustainable and consume almost zero. Something that in the long run will be a great saving for your pocket.
  • The initial payments for new properties in Spain, are divided until the financing is accepted, something that does not happen when you acquire a second-hand property.
  • When you buy a new construction home, it includes up to three types of guarantees that cover the following:
    • 1 year warranty r: defective finishes.
    • 3-year warranty: construction elements (roof components)
    • 10-year warranty: foundation components

In addition to this, the property sale contract already includes; a series of clauses on the guarantee of the property, which facilitate claims, if the developer has not complied with the agreed.

Below we will explain the different options for new construction:

  • Buying from the developer: in Spain you can buy from the developer once the construction or rehabilitation is completed. This happens once the architect and the surveyor have issued the End of Work Certificate.
  • Buy off plan: there is also the option to buy off plan from a developer, this means that the property has not yet been built on the ground and that you can choose between several housing models designed according to the criteria of the developer and participants of the property draft.
  • Buy a land and build your own: on the other hand, you can choose to build on a plotv of land; if Spanish laws allows you to do so. And hire all the necessary professionals, such as an architect or a builder to build a 100% customed property.
  • Buying a semi-built home: the option of buying a piece of land with part of the structure already built, gives you the opportunity to finish it to your liking too. It is usually an option where negotiating the price and finding a home opportunity is more common.


If you are looking to invest in mediterranean Spain and receive real estate advice in Guardamar del Segura and the surroundings of Costa Blanca, you just found a great team. We are the real estate Naranja Spain, a trustworthy family, with more than fifteen years of experience selling properties in Costa Blanca, our advice has successfully help many investors to grow their economy.  Get in touch with us. 


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