​Covid-19 Naranja Spain Real Estate, Guardamar del Segura Found 12 Properties

​Covid-19 Naranja Spain Real Estate, Guardamar del Segura

Before the Coronavirus affected Spain, the greatest demand when search for a properties in Spain to buy or sell was mostly concentrated in large cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, and other urban centers with a higher concentration of the population.

Since March 16, only a minority of the Spanish population has been allowed to go outside due to Covis-19 restrictions. Being locked in an apartment of 60m2 -90m2 with a family, with few hours of natural light, is the similar situation of the majority of Spanish inhabitants, not everyone is living in the sunny coast like lucky us.

But in times of Coronavirus where people are locked up in their homes without being able to leave, to keep the Spanish health system afloat and avoid the collapse of their emergency rooms, where unfortunately many people are dying. People have realized the importance of outdoor spaces in a home to be able to go out to feel the sun and breathe fresh air.

This harsh virus is having positive consequences and is making people connect more with the family and with oneself. Having more time is being a gift really. Spain is a country where family, being able to hug and laugh together is part of their culture. Now we are beginning to value more what really makes them happy and want to have in their lives.

The consequences that the Coronavirus situation is already marking to Spain is already palpable. It is not only affecting the economy but also the easygoing Spanish lifestyle. Coming to the point, this situation is interfering with desires in the purchase and rental of future homes.

In cities such as Madrid, citizens carry a busy life, they work hard, many of them own a second residence somewhere like Guardamar del Segura, for example where the team from the real estate agency Naranja Spain resides, for example. Others may have a second home in a country house or in the village with the family. And they cannot enjoy their home and that makes them revalue their current living situation.

The consequences of the Covid-19 changes the tastes of future home buyers in Spain.

The statistics of property sales searches have changed, there has been a 5% reduction in the search for buying homes in large cities. And there has been an increase in the search for country houses and houses with more space but further away from the large concentrations of population in urban centers.

This change of interest in the type of housing future house owner is having, has been noticed cities all around Spain; Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Zaragoza, etc. With the exception of Barcelona, where that change in property buying interests is hardly palpable.

Here in Guardamar del Segura, we are very lucky because is a small town by the sea in the Costa Blanca far from large concentrations of people, with properties facing the sea, Guardamar del Segura townhouses and Casa de Campo with a large plot of land located 10-20 minutes from the beach. We have space.

The Naranja Spain Real Estate team wants to share with you our selection of Country house in Guardamar del Segura, where you can enjoy a life abroad, more than 300 days of sunshine a year, a quiet life, close to the services you need, access to all type of transport, shops, leisure and the beach by Guardamar del Segura sand dunes.

If you want more information and would like to speak to someone from the Naranja Spain team, here we are at your disposal:

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