Property investment in Spain is positive

7 October 2017

Property investment in Spain is positive

After the crisis that strongly affected the general economy, specially to the spanish housing sector. Today we can state that the real estate investment in Spain is favourable and optimistic.

Professionally we notice, there is movement in direct sales: more buying and selling of houses, prices going up, property developers building all types of houses due to the current demand. The awakening is happening.

There is also a general positivism on the stock exchange. Buying stock or investing in funds when done properly is a step taking by many that pays off. Though the property developers top list is lead by Germany and Sweden: Vonovia, Deutsche Wohnen, Swiss Prime Site. In Spain there are good news: after a decade without a develper going public, Neinor is the protagonist on the recovery of the sector.

If also worth mentioning that is not only the housing sector in real estating the one having a growth. The hotel industry raises with a real estate investment of almost 2.000 millions in euros. These are excellent news for our sector and for the tourism.

If you are thinking in moving your money to real estating, we recommend you always work with industry experts. Meaning that if you'd like to buy for example a villa in Costa Blanca, find a real estate specialised on the area, make sure to work with a quality company to obtain the best results. For that read this article:

If you don't want to invest so much but still looking to go on “the boat". We advise your best options is to invest in stock or in real estate funds with a property investment adviser.

For any conversations, guidance or advice in buying and selling properties in south Costa Blanca, the Naranja Spain team is always ready to help physically we can attend you at our office in Guardamar del Segura or through phone or email if you are somewhere else in the world. Here you have us for anything you may need.

Kind Regards,
Naranja Spain

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