Key elements to the mediterranean style

28 January 2017

If you live in one of the beautiful places on the Spanish Mediterranean coast such as Costa Blanca in our case or if you live in England for example and love the traditional decoration of this area you could transform your home or just give it the local touch to your place by reading this article.

To start let's talk colors; the palette is based on the nature that surrounds us: the sea, clear skies, the sun and the barren mountains. These bring blues in all their shades up to turquoise, important the whites and reddish tones. Also vibrant colours with yellow splashes.

The main element which attracts most people to come to the mediterranean is the sun, that's why the light is the main characteristic. So make your windows bigger, remove unnecessary wallks and add skylights to your cealing if possible.

Time to think about materials and where to use them:

  • Paster: smooth in walls.
  • Terracota: in floors, walls with exposed bricks to add the reddish tones and in chimeneys.
  • Wood: beams and floors.
  • Iron: handrails and decorative features.
  • Stone: mainly used for the exteriors also you can introduce as a decorative indoor element and in small details.
  • For last, when dressing your home always go for white cotton and linen.

I hope that reading this article a good idea popped up in how to bring the beauty of the mediterranean spanish style to your home.

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