Discover Maigmó Mountain Range

19 August 2016

Here I start the touristic section on the Naranja Spain news. With this category we want you to have information about the historic and natural heritage that Costa Blanca has to offer because we think that though you might already live in the mediterranean we are not always aware of the beauty that's next to us and the interesting places from which we can learn a lot. Also this is for future property owners so you get to know a bit more of the area that will surround your home.

Today we are going to discover the mountain range of Maigmó

This beautiful formation is located in the north of Alicante city between Tibi, Castalla, Agost and Petrel. From its highest point at 1.296m you can see the vast amount of pines and oaks that covers the massif which thanks to its hard leafs makes them the right tree companion living on the Mediterranean coast where water it is low and the hours of sunshine are high.

I Recommend you go up to the top of the massif to watch by the foot of the mountain, where it crosses the Monnegre River, the dam Tibi; Europe's oldest dam, built during the reign of Philip II at the end of S XVI.. One of the ways to the summit is through the "via cable" is the most direct route.

Today the Sierra del Maigmó is not considered as "Natural Park" so it's not fully protected where in the future politicians can speculate on the development of this ground. Us as real estate in Costa Blanca support the environmental organizations for this to change. We must find a balance between construction of new housing and environmental conservation.

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