​Cheap Holidays in Spain

​Cheap Holidays in Spain 8 Apr 2019

Do you want to go on vacation but you think you can not afford it? That is not true. Many times our head plays tricks on us limiting our possibilities. But the truth is that we can enjoy a great vacation without spending money and without going too far.

The real estate agency Naranja Spain has the solution for you to have a nice and cheap holiday. Because the truth is that to disconnect, do something you've never done and return to work with your energy to the fullest, you do not need to spend almost any money.

  • First: Define the main aim of your holiday.

For example, it could be: "I want to relax" or on the contrary "I want to feel adrenaline or “I am eager to learn something new"

  • Second: Eliminate false expectations and limiting thoughts.

Maybe you're looking forward to going to Mexico but at this moment you can not afford it and that limitative thought causes economic stress and at the same time makes you feel that you're not good enough because you aren't reaching your goals. But that is not true. The reality is that you have a false expectation, because going to Mexico will not solve anything.

Instead of getting carried away by the Facebook and Instagram post of deserted beaches or exotic places that make you believe “This is what I need." Learn to really disconnect from that mass media brainwash and discover what is around you.

  • Third: Choose type of destinations.

Based on the emotions you already determined want to have in your vacation, choose what kind of environment is appropriate to cultivate those. For example, if you want to relax, you probably already know that to eliminate stress, nature is your number one ally. You can combine as many types of environments / destinations as you want, because you are the travel agent for this time off.

  • Fourth: Make a list of places you have never explored in less than ... 70km (for example, it can be more km or less depending on your mobility availability).

Spain has a great landscape, cultural and historical diversity. And surely you do not know all the corners of the city you live in. So based on the types of destinations you need on your vacation, ask friends, search in google and make your list of new places and plans. I assure you that at the end of your vacation you will still have sites to discover. We also advise you to take advantage of the large number of free and subsidized activities offered by your local Town Hall.

Naranja Spain is based in Guardamar del Segura, south of Costa Blanca and this sunny and beautiful tourist destination is surrounded by incredible places to explore and activities that you can enjoy. If you live on the coast of Alicante or have the possibility to visit it, check out the article "15 destinations in Costa Blanca and one activity" and take ideas to enjoy an economic holiday in Costa Blanca.

  • Fifth: Enjoy and appreciate the free time you have to enjoy what surrounds you. Whether lying on a meadow reading, at a concert of an emerging group or doing something you've never done. Thanks because that is the key to your holidays this Easter are unique.

If you need accommodation in Guardamar del Segura, Ciudad Quesada, Torrevieja and surroundings, get in touch with us. We are Naranja Spain, a trusted real estate company on the Mediterranean coast.

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