10 Tips to buy your first home in Spain

20 November 2017

1. Reason why you are buying a property

When buying your first home make sure you are in the right moment economically and personally speaking to do so. It's an important step and a bigger expense compared to renting. If the answer is “Yes I am ready" then write a list with the reasons you are buying a property and its requirements in order of priority. Keep this list, you'll need it later on.

2. Have the deposit ready.

Before submerging yourself in this process you got to have savings. Probably you already determined the price range therefore you'll need the 20% of that in your account.

3. Go loan shopping.

Get your payslip, contract and the required paperwork and go shopping around the banks. Compare all of them and choose the one that adapts best to you.

4. Find a good real estate agent and company.

This point is key for you to find the house, apartment or bungalow best for you. Working with good professionals is going to make the searching process successful also giving you the peace of mind that if any issue happened during the buying process they'll solve it efficiently.

5. ¿How are you approaching this investment?

Have your investing intentions clear since it is not the same to invest just for profit than investing to for living and improving your life's quality.

6. ¿ Have you decided the area? Explore it

If you have clear where then know the beat of the place in day and night time. ¿Has it got the right infrastructure for your lifestyle? also ¿How is the local people?

7. No superes tu presupuesto real. Don't go over your real budget.

This is a temptation that will happen at some point, but don't go over your real budget. Buying a home can not mean a decrease on your life's quality so you can still enjoy your life instead of stressing out about your loan payments, house expenses, taxes, etc.

8. You'll have to give in.

Probably like most buyers you will have to give in about something and you won't be able to have it right now how you exactly thought. That doesn't mean that you will find the perfect property for you. So go back to the list you made about the reasons why you are buying the house. Be practical.

9. Property free of charges: nota simple and comunity cost.

Make sure the aren't payments standing on the property asking for a Nota Simple on the local Council and a registry to the Community of the payment the previous owner made.

10. If you found a house that cover your needs, don't hesitate and pass an offer.

There is no more to say that if it cover your needs pass and offer and don't thing ¿What if there is something “better"? Because the best choice is the one that will cover your needs and from then on you'll build your home.

For more advice on buying a property here in Guardamar del Segura, south Costa Blanca, get in touch with us. The Naranja Spain team is passionate about finding people's dream house and fill them up with happiness.

Hope to meet you soon,
Naranja Spain - real estate agency

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