Giedre features "How Lithuanians in England are affected by the Brexit"

15 May 2017

Giedre shares her opinion on Tiesa newspaper about the real estate sector in Costa Blanca and Lithuanians choosing Spain as their next destination.

In this feature that Tiesa news; London based newspaper, has published, Giedre Mayorova; Naranja Spain's owner, shares her professional and personal knowledge about the Lithuanians emigrating from the United Kingdom and why they considered Guardamar in Spain as their next home. She adds her perspective on the profile of her Lithuanian buyers and clients and the reason why these are considering Costa Blanca as a good option when it comes to investing in the property. Since she also left her home country; Lithuania to expand her working life; her words on this feature have been highly valued from the lithuanian living in the UK.

Click here if you'd like to read the full piece.Signed: Naranja Spain - your house in the mediterranean

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