United Kingdom in or out of Europe?

United Kingdom in or out of Europe? 19 May 2016

On June 23 the U.K. is holding a referendum weather to leave or stay in Europe.

The EU concept started after the World War Two and currently is formed by 28 countries that all together create an economic and political union.

Why does the UK want to leave us? Money, money

The U.K. is one of the main contributors to the EU economy. The sack of money Europe has from the contribution each country makes every year is invested mainly in developing the poorer European countries. And they feel they are getting very little in return from these.

Also they want to have the full control regarding immigration. Currently Europeans are able to visit, live and work in Europe without a visa. And the UK conservative party doesn't want this freedom of movement for labour. They don't believe in the idea of an “ever closer union".

Who will be affected by this?

“EU exit would make 2 million Britons abroad illegal immigrants overnight." Though they can't be deported because of a treaty signed by the UK in 1969 . The answers to all of the questions arising such as visas, healthcare, working in the EU … Cannot be answered until the U.K is out of Europe and its government starts shaping and creating their new politic around all this issues that concern most people.

Who will be able to vote?

British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over 18 who are resident in the UK. And UK nationals living abroad who have been on the UK electoral register in the past 15 years.

So if you are a U.K citizen currently living in Spain or in any other EU country, you can vote and be part of this important decision.

Here in Naranja Spain we have a Mediterranean way of thinking and “family stays together". And we like the idea of an “ever closer union" because frontiers have caused enough horrible disasters. Most of the foreign customers we had buying a property here in Guardamar and Costa Blanca are now our friends and we are all from different nationalities because what keep us together is the things that we have in common. We should move towards a freer idea of the world so people can gather as they please. Just a thought. So if you share our ideas and would like to move to Spain, take a look at our property catalog for new andsecond hand homes or rentals and we might share a beer and tapa with you soon here in Guardamar del Segura.

Signed: your Real Estate in Guardamar.

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