Wednesdays is Farmers Market day in Guardamar

12 May 2016

Every Wednesday in the morning we take a wonder around Guardamar's farmers market.

It's the typical weekly farmers market that you see in every town or city in Spain and for sure each has their own specialty. We love our one!

I'll describe the scenario: the sea pocking its head at the end of the streets, the sun shining through the black fabric that covers the veggies and fruits stands, fresh smells, voices announcing prices and a place where you can see, touch and taste everything before you decide if you prefer the sheep rosemary cheese or the goat one. What to serve it with? Maybe with some toasted almonds in salt, dry figs and with fresh roe. And for dessert don't leave if you haven't found the women that make the tastiest homemade orange roscos, flaky chocolate pastries, aniseed biscuits…tasty. And to feed the child you still have inside go to the sweets stand, I'll assure it won't let you down. And here the cherry on the top of the cake is for the natural cosmetic stall. Products made in Tenerife ready to give your skin all the nutrients that it needs.

In Naranja Spain we love to live “the more natural the better" so the Mediterranean lifestyle we have here in Costa Blanca fits us perfectly. We eat fresh seasonal fuits that the local farmers bring. We walk on the beach, go for a run around Guardamar's Pina Forest, we swim in the sea, play volleyball and some of us take the mountain bike out to go down Guardamar Hills to pump up the adrenaline.

If you are looking to move to Costa Blanca and you still don't know Guardamar, give us a visit. Perhaps you feel like renting a property first or if you already know this is your place, take a look at our online property catalog. Hope to meet you soon.

Signed: Your real estate in Guardamar.

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