Luxury that adapts to your pocket

26 April 2016

Luxury properties are adapting to more budgets.

This is how the Spanish Royal Academy dictionary defines the word luxury: “Anything that exceeds the normal means of someone in order to get it". The Naranja Spain team is in disagree with this term. In this article we want to show you how luxury can adapt to different pockets.

You can live on a luxury property in Guardamar del Segura for 165.000 €, a high quality apartment with pool, sauna and gym, beautiful right?

And of course that when your pocket is deeper and there are more euros, the choices increase and also does the square metres. For example, you can buy a luxury villa with many perks in Guadamar for 499.000 €.

The differences between this two properties are clear because one is an apartment and the other one is a villa which makes a comparison a little hard but what they do have in common is that both are classified as luxury homes because they are built with high-end materials, both have design and when living in these properties you have access to services that are above the standard and not considered as common.

Here I post other luxury properties in other locations here in Costa Blanca for you to take a look:

Apartment · Guardamar Hills - 220.000€

Eco Luxury Villa - Rojales (Ciduad Quesada) - 359.000€

Luxury villa located in Torrevieja - 499.000€

Signed: Naranja Spain- Your Real Estate in Guardamar.

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