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17 March 2016

You've probably heard before how good and healthy is the Mediterranean lifestyle. And much of that it is thanks to our friend the sun.

Today walking around the Pine Forest here in Guardamar del Segura, I thought how lucky we are by having the sun shining every day.

From Naranja Spain we want to share with all of those who live in Costa Blanca or any other sunny place in the world, the big benefit your organism is absorbing each day: Vitamin D3, the most needed if we compare it to vitmain D2 and the one you'll only get from the sunlight.

  • - As many of you know, with this vitamin we are helping our body to absorb calcium through our intenstine.
  • - Also it will keep your cholesterol in check and reduces your blood pressure because the sun with its ultraviolet radiation help us synsethising cholesterol turning it into Vitamin D.
  • - It protects by preventing us developing a tummor, it reduces the risk from having all kind of tummors such as colon or breast cancer. And a current and surprising investigation is on the edge to prove the role of the sun with the development of autoimmune diseases like multiple esclerosis, since it is in countries with more hours of sun per year where the incidence of this illness is much less.

If you are lucky enough to live where the sun does, keep on enjoying its benefits. On the other side if you are in a place where the sun tends to hide and you'd like to see it everyday. Consider to spend a season here in Guardamar o in any other area of the Mediterranean Coast and rent an apartment, bungalow or a villa if you'd like to know the area first. Or if you already know you'd like to buy a property in Spain. Then take a look to our online catalog of new built houses and resale properties or come and visit us anytime you want. We are here to fill you up with Vitamin D3!

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