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Advantages of modular homes in Spain 2 Aug 2021

Modular homes are the homes of the future in Spain.

Modular homes have become quite popular around Europe, their low cost is a possible solution to solve the economic crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic has generated all over.

In fact, its history dates back to the Second World War. It was then that this style of housing was born, which was built quickly and cheaply, to meet the extensive demand.

What is a modular home?

The term modular is used because it is built in modules. Each module is manufactured independently. Most of the execution of the work is carried out in a factory where different modules are produced with different materials, then it is transferred to the buyer's land and finally all the modules are assembled together to form the house on site. .

How is a modular home built in Spain?

More and more clients are contacting the Naranja Spain real estate agency, to solve their doubts about the construction of a modular home in Spain. What can we tell you about modular homes?

First of all, buying a plot of land is essential. You may already have one, but if not, we can help you since not all Spanish land is suitable for the construction and use of modular homes in Spain.

The land has to be developable. Once you have the land, the architect begins with the design of the house. The personalization of the home is key so that it responds to your needs.

Once we have the project signed by the necessary skills, architect, City Council licenses are obtained, it is when you can start the assembly of the prefabricated panels that can be made of different materials such as concrete, steel, wood, etc., that will be your choice.

In the plot of land in Spain, the foundation is executed, as part of the structure of the prefabricated house. The execution of the foundation is essential, on it rests the rest of the panels that make up the structure of the house.

When the foundation is settled, the panels are moved, according to the order agreed in the planning of the project, to begin with the assembly of the house. These are placed with cranes on top of the foundation, thus forming the structure that will support the weight of the modular home.

Immediately afterwards, the installation of the roof and waterproofing to prevent water from penetrating the house is one of the most important steps so make sure that the modular home manufacturing company you use has the best qualities in the construction market. 

Once waterproofed, the conditioning of the interior surfaces of the house is the most personal part and the options are endless: painted walls, coatings with a wood or stone finish for a rustic style, etc 

What are the advantages of living in a modular home in Spain?

A great advantage of modular homes is the speed with which they are built. While a traditional house with similar characteristics could take from 10 months to a year, a modular house would take a maximum of two months from the customization of your modular home to its legal installation in Spain.

Nor do they face the variables that delay a traditional construction, such as the weather.

Another great advantage of modular homes is their price.


How much does a modular home cost in Spain?


You can find a suitable home for a family from 60,000 euros (not counting the plot of land). Currently the square meter ranges between 450 - 900 euros depending on the finishes and materials you choose.

Modular houses are a more ecological option compared to most traditional houses, thanks to the possibility of using materials with good energy efficiency characteristics and elements. 

If you are interested in buying a plot of land to build your modular house in Spain, we are the real estate agency you need; Naranja Spain in Alicante, Costa Blanca. We are not a modular house factory, but we can make your dream of living in a spacious and beautiful modular home in Costa Blanca.


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