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​Real estate agents during and after the Coronavirus, Spain 8 Apr 2020

Thanks to having an already existing Real Estate sector digitalised makes your dream of buying a home to be less affected by the Coronavirus or Covid-19.

Since the Spanish government decides to decree the State of Alarm throughout Spain; the lucky person who has the possibility to continue working, works from home and the well-known "telework" has become the ordinary way of working.

Real estate agents also work from home, such as the Naranja Spain Real Estate team in Guardamar del Segura. So you can continue with the process of buying and selling your real estate investment during the Coronavirus, but with certain limitations.

In general terms, real estate activity has been reduced to almost more than half. In other words, around 60% less than usual real estate transactions and investments are being made in Spain.

If you were in the process of buying a home or business premises and the Coronavirus has caught you. You may have wondered:

How can I continue buying a property during the Covid-19 in Spain?

As you already know, thanks to the early digitization of the real estate sector, online platforms have announced online real estate properties for years, so the search for a property has not been affected by the Coronavirus, the visits will have to wait.

For the home to be yours legally, you will have to wait. The signing of the sale of a property is not a legal act of urgency and will not be attended by a notary until the Alarm Status cedes.

As you will have to wait to finalize the sale, now is the time to observe the interests of the mortgages of all the banks, prepare the necessary documentation that is possible, prepare contracts, pay down payments and reserve a property, etc. In short, be ready and take the opportunity to invest when this situation ends.

The real estate agents of Naranja Spain are very committed and aware. And now, more than ever, society needs us, as Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado President of Asprima and APCE, in a meeting organized by SIMAPRO Home Edition says:

"The real estate sector may be one of the engines that will take Spain forward during Covid-19, since tourism will take somewhat longer to recover."

Many speak of similar and positive forecasts for the 2020 real estate sector. And this situation has led many to begin to appreciate the importance of having our own real estate.

If this situation continues much longer, the economic forecasts won't be the same. So let's hope that this epidemic ends soon and that we return to our daily lives sooner than later. We will keep you informed.

Take care,
Naranja Spain


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