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​Cool your house in Spain this summer 15 Jul 2019

The temperatures in Spain increase in summer and with them the use of air conditioning as well, but we do not want to get sweaty when we see the electricity bill.

If you want to know how you can refresh and cool down your house in Spain this summer and saving on energy costs, we recommend several measures.

Your air conditioning equipment should be efficient as it can mean up to 60% savings on the electricity bill. The average of the consumption used in the refrigeration of a house in Spain is around 15% of the total of the invoice. When buying or changing the equipment, choose a more efficient one, this makes a big difference in consumption.

The thermal insulation of the house has a fundamental role in energy saving, most of us think of thermal insulation just for winter and this is equally effective in summer. A good insulation makes the temperature inside the house remain stable so that the cooling equipment will be used minimally to cool the house. It is recommended that a house in winters has to be between 19ºC / 20ºC and in summer of 26ºC / 27ºC, so the insulation becomes very important since for each degree that the thermostat drops the electric bill increases by 7%.

To make good use of energy and optimize cooling we have to take into account the location and orientation of the house.

In each of the rooms different measurements will be taken and the refrigeration equipment will be placed according to the orientation of the room.

The installation of fans is very advisable since it can lower the temperature to 4ºC with a much lower power consumption than that of refrigeration appliances and the added advantage of not drying the air.

The placement of fans strategically and a good orientation of the house can be enough to spend the summer without suffocating.

In Spain houses have blinders on the windows so in the moments of greater solar incidence you should put them down to avoid the peak sunlight getting in and warming everything up, then open the blinders during the coolest moments of the day, this makes the house much fresher for more hours.

Other small measures that can make a difference are:

  • Unplugging electrical appliances that use cooling is also very useful. These devices release heat from the cooling of their circuits.
  • Replace halogen bulbs with LEDs, because halogens generate a lot of heat when they are on and LEDs consume much less without producing heat, and your bill will also be reduced.
  • Remove the rugs and winter sofa covers replacing them with other thinner and fresher ones.
  • Check the windows, this is another good measure because through the joints and crystals a lot of temperature is lost.
  • Double glazed windows, airtight shutters and blinds are the best barrier to heat.
  • The awnings on terraces and windows make the floor and facade do not heat up with the sun.

From Naranja Spain real estate, we hope this tips will help you to spend a more pleasant summer in Costa Blanca.

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