​Ideas to decorate your home with little money

​Ideas to decorate your home with little money 10 Oct 2018

Would you like to re decorate your home but you have almost no budget? That's not a problem, Naranja Spain gives you the keys to decorate your house and give it a new look without spending much money.

  • Free space

This is undoubtedly the first thing you should do: clean up and try to get rid of the maximum number of devices, objects, and things that you no longer use. And if there is something that for example has sentimental value for yourself or is a memory of a trip but really aesthetically it is not a nice decorative element, save it, but beware! Keep only what is really essential. After freeing space in your house you will feel lighter. And not only that, in addition to the extra space, you will probably benefit from your cleaning; sell your things online; Wallapop for example in Spain works really well or be a good one and donate them. Congratulations you have created more and new space in your home.

  • Change position

Re-organize your living room for example, changing the position of your furniture and any small modification will refresh the old look.

  • New coloured walls

It's simple, cheap and you can do it yourself. Painting some of the walls of your apartment, will take a couple of days and if yours is a big house, we advise you to ask your friends and family to come around for help, prepare a good meal, drinks (not too much, at least not before) and get down to work. Or if your budget is a bit higher then hire a painter.

Tips: choose a wall and add a different color than the rest or change the color of a whole room. It is also nice to combine two shades such as brown clay with blue. Take inspiration from the photos I have post in this article. Or simply give a new hand of the current paint color to your cas, you will see how you light the house again because the colors fade over time, especially the light colors.

  • Reinvent your furniture

Think of the furniture that you can reinvent and Do It Yourself, if it is not the case then What is the element that you do not like about your house? If for example it is the living room table or the night ones in your bedroom, go to a furniture street market, buy something second hand made of wood, sandpaper, paint, varnish or lacquer and voila!

Also invest in upholstering, if you change the fabric of your old armchair or set of chairs it will look like you got a new one and it is better for the environment!

  • New light

Light is a fundamental element in a home, whether is natural or artificial, provides the ambience of the house. Naranja Spain advises you to invest a little money to change some lights in your home, from a new floor lamp to a couple of matching lamps on your nightstand. Also change the tone of the light, choose yellow bulbs to add warmth to a room.

  • Add color with the cushions

Change the cover of the house cushions. It is something simple, cheap and that gives a touch of color to your home.

  • Mirrors as pictures frames

Sometimes looking everyday at our painting frames it isn't exciting anymore and investing in new pieces of art can be expensive. We recommend that you change and redecorate your wall with mirrors; different sizes and shapes, in addition to giving a new look to your wall, it will also bring more light and shine to that area.

These are some tricks we have learned through the years of experience in the real estate world. Our customers thank us and confirm that these tips and changes really work. Especially help to those who have just bought a new home and the budget to furnish the house is very small, or the house is second-hand and comes furnished but is not to your taste. Put these decorating tips into practice and you will see how your home changes.

For more advice, tips or guidance buying a property in Spain, we are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are Naranja Spain, specialist in the sale of new and second hand properties in south of Costa Blanca, specifically in Guardamar del Segura and surroundings.

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