Reduce your living and property expenses

Reduce your living and property expenses 18 Jan 2018

In this article we write about how to reduce your living costs by looking at your property expenses and personal spent.

Make a list of all your expenses.

Take into acount the fix expenses such as your home loan or rent, property taxes, community expenses and also the variable ones; such as electricity, water, maintenance, housing insurance also the cleaning cost if you don't do it yourself. Also if your property has green areas, pool, jacuzzi etc. Add this expenses too.

Now make the list of your personal spent such as food, transport either public (bus, taxes, trains) and petrol. If you have a family think the school and after school activities, health insurances and the money pocket for leisure.

Analyze the money you spend.

Is the time to put conscience in the list you created. After making the list now you have the answers of How much you home costs every month? and Where does the rest of the money goes? What you need to do next is to find out if your accounts are balanced or not. So in order to correctly analyze your expenses you have to arrange them by priority.

Now sum the total by category; the expenses must low down within going through the groups you made meaning if the expense you have on Priority group four compared to Priority group 2 for example, this means you need to concentrate on this group and find alternatives or changin so it can be in balanced. Perhaps you spent too much in eating out and you hadn't find out.

Advice about reducing the money you spend on your property and your day to day living.

The fix expenses are difficult to change unless your negotiate with the owner the price of the rent, your community reduces the quota, over these costs you do not have the control. So let's think on the variable expenses.

Go through your utility bills, check the tarifes and compare them to other companies for example Hola Luz in Spain could be a good green energy company that helps improving the health of our planet and is cheap. Check your electrical plans, use the right plan for you, you can save money with a night tariff for example if you leave your dishwasher and washing machine this could be right for you. Put a timer on your heater so it will be more efficiently used.

Change your lifestyle, buy less and reduce the habit of consuming. Buy to use and be responsible. Think before you buy; Do I need this? Do I have another one of these? Do not buy until replenish is needed. And don't forget eating out is a luxurious habit not a need.

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