Invest in Costa Blanca, invest in Guardamar del Segura

13 December 2017

If you are reading this feature, probably you are looking for ways to invest your money and making a profit; short or long term. Today we want to propose Guardamar del Segura as your place for investment and the reasons why this is a good idea and how to accomplish it.

  1. Exclusive location: Guardamar del Segura has a unique environment in Costa Blanca, thanks to the protected sand dunes area makes that this location a special site in the Mediterranean. It also has a good access by car and by plane since is set between Murcia and Alicante airport.
  2. Invest in trading: when starting a business is import to make a market research of the demand and supply of the services. Guardamar del Segura is an ideal place to invest in the commercial sector and be successful since tourism is growing and there are still plenty of space for new business ideas. If you'd like to receive guidance in this topic, contact the Naranja Spain team, they have a lot of good ideas.
  3. Buy a property and be profitable: the most common investment is still giving property owners a profit. For years now, buying a house in Costa Blanca is a profitable step and the foreigners know this; 40% of buyers are from United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Russia. Buying apartment, bungalows and villas not just for personal use but to obtain a short and a long term benefit. If you would also like to do so, read this feature about property investment.
  4. The best destination for environment and sustainability investment in the mediterranean coat. The council supports and grants merchants and business people with proposals on this field.
  5. A bright future because is a protected area which is not going to suffer a degeneration, it's going to continue developing positively keeping the the mediterranean life quality on a innovative touristic and commercial sector.

If you'd like to invest in south Costa Blanca, we recommend you come to our office and speak with us about your desires and proyect. We are pleased to share our experience on the real estate business and also can advice on commercial investments.

Naranja Spain is a family run real estate with quality in its service willing to help you buying or selling your home in Guardamar and surroundings. We will guide you custom to your needs so you will find your dream property.

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