Discover Guardamar; a gem in Costa Blanca, Spain

10 July 2017

Guardamar del Segura is a beautiful town on the spanish mediterranean coast, south Alicante, part of the well known Costa Blanca.

Like most coastal destinations in Spain, Guardamar has numerous touristic and natural resources, especially natural ones on this case, making this place the perfect vacational location for tourists to enjoy the warm sun, the beach, good weather and good spanish food.

On the last decades, this city has had a geographic growth developing through the construction of new properties around the town center, creating new areas like Eden, Guardamar Hills, el Roso, the harbor area and Campomar.

Which are the tourist attractions and natural resources Guardardamar has?

  • Beaches: vivers, central, bavilonia and moncayo among others form 11km of a beautiful sandy sunny beach.
  • The sand dunes park also known as “Pine Forest", is a natural space full of pine trees that closes and fixes the sand dunes once mobile ones. Alfonso XIII and Reina Sofía's park is what forms this natural environment. In here you'll find a lot of routes to walk, bike and run, species like swans and peacocks, kids play area and an auditorium where cultural activities are played.
  • Guardamar's Castle: erected by arabs on the first half of the XII century. Though today is mostly in ruins after the strong earthquake in 1829, it's been restores and the archaeological activity continues.
  • Marina and leisure port: by the Segura´s river mouth , a place where the nautical and fishing fans gather.
  • Archaeological, ethnological and paleontological museum: in here deposits from the Phoenicians times until our days are displayed.

These are the highlighted tourist attractions from this location in Vega Baja, not forget mentioning the most important part: its people. A lot of Guardamar's population is local, active in the community, involving themselves in cultural activities, fairs, food markets, and local festivities among the many activities each month happens on the mediterranean paradise.

If you didn't know Guardamar and you'd like to explore it, our team in Naranja Spain will be pleased to show to you Guardamar and help you find the property of your dreams in Costa Blanca, Spain.

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