Is it the time to buy a property in Spain?

24 June 2016

Real Estate analists confirm a positive growth on the sale of property which started in 2015 with an upward Price, offering more credits, there is more demand and an increase on the news construction promotions.

Why in Naranja Spain we think is the time to buy a property in Costa Blanca?

Saying “Yes" to credits

Loans are becomming more accessible and getting a mortgage is not a mission impossible. It was envisaged at the beginning of 2016 that during this year it would be signed more loans and mortages with a 30% increase compared to the previous year. And in Naranja Spain we have noticed this change. Clients can obtain a credit more regularly though sometimes you'll have to fight it a the end things work out.

It is true that the current politic situation the Spanish goverment is going through seems to be stopping the path of renaissance for the real estate world. So the Spanish residents are not making a move because they don't trust their leaders. And by mayority are the foreigners the most adventurous for buying a second hand property or a newly built one. Stressing that the Norgwegians and Swedish are investing more and more in new construction.

Here we leave a list of the most visited properties in the last month in Guardamar del Segura, Torrevieja, La Mata and Ciudad Quesada:

ON SALE! Town House in el Raso, Guardamar - 116.000€

Los Estaños Beach, Guardamar del Segura - 164.000€

Bungalows · Sale · Alicante · La Mata · La Mata Playa- 120.000€

Bungalows · Sale · Second Hand · Torrevieja - 75.000€

Detached villa · New build · Rojales -144.500€

Signed: Your Real Estate in Guardamar

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