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​11 steps to open your business successfully 31 Oct 2018

  1. Feed your idea: Secure your idea, contrast with other people before starting it. It is very important to ask for opinions in your circle of friends and outside of it as well. Ask strangers. Do a test of your product or service before starting it.
  2. Business plan: analyze the market, it is as important to observe your competitors as your potential future clients. Find what the market does not do and constantly work on your business model.
  3. Economic plan: Where does your money come from? If you have investors, make sure they know there is a risk of losses. Invests the capital of the company wisely and generate only expenses that are needed to start with the minimum fixed and variable costs.
  4. Values: establish three or four simple values and be sure to be faithful to them. This is something you should never forget to ensure your success and to create a strong brand with personality. Remember that the key to sucess is to sell experiences and not products in line with the values of your company.
  5. Brand territory: clearly define with what audience your brand will be associated. This is how we endow it with more resources when it comes to creating initiatives and conversations and strengthening relations with the target audiences.
  6. Emotional identity: how you want your company to be perceived, what emotions you want to generate in your users and based on this develop the next point.
  7. Visual identity: your logo, colors and photographs, texts, tone of voice, etc.
  8. Marketing Plan: with the values, brand territory and visual identity you can correctly develop your action plan to make your company known to the right people. Open the windows of the online world; web page, social networks and also the "doors" offline: advertisements in posters, magazines, radio and different communication channels. If this is a topic that escapes your professional skills, hire a marketing company to manage your plan. Proper dissemination is key.
  9. Company = People: be clear that your team is the foundation of your company. Neither your idea nor the business plan would work in the long term, if who forms your team lacks the values of your company, choose a person with enthusiasm and create an environment of freedom of expression and creativity. Be aware of the differential value of your workers or your business partner. Choose a team of experts, define the responsibilities of each member and make sure you have a motivation plan to grow together and not stagnate. Do not forget this last point, developing ideas for team motivation is essential.
  10. Positive relationships: both in your personal and professional life, never underestimate anyone. Fill your life with good relationships because as the say in life also applies for business: "What goes around, comes around".
  11. Control and feedback: once your company has started its activity, it is necessary that you have control and always return to point one: FEEDBACK. Again ask for feedback and opinions about your product or service. You have to know how to listen to criticism and not take it as something personal, but as an opportunity for change and improvement.

These are the tips we give to many of our clients who start a business in Costa Blanca south. We are Naranja Spain, we guide our clients looking to open a business in Guardamar del Segura and surroundings, in Torrevieja and in Orihuela Costa. Our area of expertise is these places and we have a good reputation as real estate experts in the sale of new and second-hand properties, commercial properties and homes. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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