15 ideas to create more space in your house

15 ideas to create more space in your house 17 Aug 2017

Living on a small apartment is practical; easy to tidy up and not long before is all cleaned up. Though perhaps sometimes you wish your house was a bit bigger? Well, it is possible.

The Naranja Spain team has gathered a few ideas taken from smaller properties such as little apartments or tiny bungalow that we have sold or that we have already for sale and where the solutions to maximize space are excellent.

  • First create more visual space then store it, but how? Introduce some of these elements:
  • Bigger windows, the standard size is not enough in this case.
  • Use opaque glass or plastic to let the light in the areas where it can't normally reach.
  • Remove walls and go open plan and then if you'd like you can replace the walls with alternative:
    • Sliding wall: now not only doors can slide, walls have also joined the team.
    • Shelving: you can take off a wall and put a shelve instead. This way you kill two birds with one stone; you'll open the space and you'll have extra storage. The key is to leave gaps with decorative elements on the racks.
    • Room dividers, choose a material you like: paper, bamboo, wood, wicker, metal..
    • Glass walls: light and more light at the same time you create a separation.
    • Curtains: an easy and cheap option to divide spaces.
  • Put mirrors on areas where there is little space, play with shapes and different type of mirrors.
  • Create more height with open shelves on the top to elevate the sight to the sealing and choose short furniture to generate a sensation of more verticality.
  • Chose the same floor for the whole property; homogeneity in this case is synonymous of spaciousness.
  • Analyze well your furniture and reduce. Leave only the necessary.
  • Take advantage of the “dead" spaces and put storage underneath stairs, around door frames and when choosing a shelve reach the sealing.
  • Choose furniture where you can store inside.

With these 15 ideas we believe your little house will grow a lot. And if you have been on holiday in Costa Blanca and you'd like to take something back home that evokes the sea, the beachlife and the sun. Read this article in the following link and introduce the mediterranean style to your decor.


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