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Here you´ll find the complete catalog of all the properties that Naranja Spain has to offer you. Have a look at the houses for sale, new build homes, second hand properties,all types of rentals either for holiday and short term lettings or long term rentals.

Whatever it is you are looking for we´ll find it for you, get in contact with Naranja Spain and you´ll experience from the first minute the personalised attention we are known for.

​Plots for sale in Costa Blanca. Alicante Real Estate Agency

Would you like to buy a plot of land in Alicante, around Costa Blanca south or anywhere else in Spain?

If you are determined to buy a plot in Spain, your investment is because you want to either build your house and customised to your own needs or you are looking to exploit the land in order to obtain an economic benefit through agriculture, camping, housing construction ...

In any of those cases, in Spain like in other countries there is a legal side you have to consider. Be informed of all of the legal requirements according to the type of land, that could allow or prevent the completion of your project. That's why it's important that before you start looking for parcels available in your place of interest, make sure you know them.

Can I build on a rustic land in Spain?

According to the legal classification attributed to each farm or land, we can build or not simply not build:

The future project of your home in this area, has to comply with the Urban Integration Plan of the municipality. It is also important to check the Urban Planning at the local council to confirm that indeed the plot of land is really buildable and under conditions you were told.

For this reason, in Naranja Spain we always recommend our clients that always before e you run into purchasing of a farm or land, consult with the local council, the legal terms of the land, the municipal regulations and the possible charges or debts that the land may have.

This last aspect we mention, is essential taking into consideration. Since a land may seem like a bargain but behind there is a large debt that will be transferred to you, as the new owner.

If you want to read more about expenses, debts and charges when buying land in Spain, read this article that the Naranja Spain team has written.

Finally, mention that in addition to the land for sale available in our catalog that we show you, we have more plots for sale around Guardamar de Segura, Alicante and surroundings, but we have not published them at the request of the owner of the land.

So get in touch with Naranja Spain, tell us what you're looking for or stop by our office in Guardamar town. Together we will find the ideal plot that fits your budget so you can make your dream come true.

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