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Main advantages of buying newly built properties in Spain.

When we throw ourselves into buying a property, the same question always comes up. New or resale? In this article, we tell you about the advantages of buying a new house. Do you know them?

When we decide to buy something, we will always try that the product we are acquiring is in the best possible shape, problem that can be solved by buying a product that has never being used.

And in the case of a property is the same. Time and usage causes wear and tear, a fact we can't avoid, the erosion and decrease of the initial quality. Opting for a newly built house ensure us that usage and wear won´t exist when we start living in it. Everything starts fresh at the moment we move in.

From Naranja Spain and through this article we are going to take the opportunity to mention to you the advantages of buying a new property:

Greater possibilities to customise your property.

With new properties, specially if you buy them off-plan, would always exist the option to personalise the spaces and materials to your own taste. With a second hand property, on the contrary, there are things that simply we can not change, not even with a big reform.

More environmentally friendly houses.

New buildings already carry in their construction the lastest technology in relation to energy saving, evidence not only good for the environment which is fantastic, but also it will make your pocket happier by saving some euros on your bill. In this regard a lot of it has to do with the energy performance certificate.

Lower maintenance cost.

The purchase of a new build home will ensure you the latest materials have been used along with the advanced building techniques, which will give you the peace of mind of living in a property that is going to be under the best conditions.

More space and common areas.

Newly built properties tends to have more space, not only talking about the living area but other spaces such as a cellar, parking or common areas (pool, tennis court and large garden, among other things) which seem to be harder to find when looking at properties for resale.

Naranja Spain, experts in the sale of properties in Guardamar.

Here in Naranja Spain we specialised in the sale of newly built porperties and for resale too, also on long and short term rentals. Additionally we offer a full real estate consulting service and an excellent after-sales servic, because we want to be with you and help you during the entire process of purchasing your new home.

Have a look at our online catalog for porperties for sale, new build and resale. Where you´ll find a great choice of apartments, villas, duplex and bungalows.

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