​Mobile and modular homes in Spain: cheap and comfortable

​Mobile and modular homes in Spain: cheap and comfortable 31 Jan 2019

The world of construction offers a different vision to the traditional house or apartment that today is built and promoted in Spain. The prefabricated and modular houses are hitting hard. Why? For its great diversity and benefits for future property owners.

We live in times of innovation and more and more people are leaving traditionalism behind and opting for alternative ways of life. This includes the homes in which we live in.

Which are the advantages of buying a prefabricated or a modular house?

  • Speed construction: immediate or a maximum of 3 months.
  • Price: very economic, thanks to industrial production that saves costs.
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency: one of its strengths.
The most common materials in the construction of portable and prefab houses are:
  • Wood: they are one of the lightest and most economical constructions. Its use is widespread in North America.
  • Steel: modern constructions, very durable and do not require much maintenance.
  • Concrete: great solidity and sustainable materials.
  • PVC: very light and at the same time resistant and with great insulating properties.
  • Cargo containers: modules formed by freight shipping containers. A modern, affordable and accessible option.

In most cases these materials are combined to create efficient and beautiful prefabricated homes in different sizes; from very small mobile homes of 25m² to fully equipped prefab ones, with large spaces and houses of more than 120m².

Based on their typology, they can be divided into two families:

  • Mobile homes: considered a movable asset, they have little weight and great ease of transportation; It is usually mounted on structures equipped with wheels. Predominant use as a holiday, although today there are more and more people who use this type of housing as their usual home, thanks to the development in the quality of construction, improving their resistance and durability.
  • Non-mobile or modular houses: considered a immovable house, they need a foundation on the ground so once assembled they can not be moved. Formed by modules or panels produced industrially. They have the great advantage of adapting and customising it to the tastes and needs of their future inhabitants.

What procedures should I follow if I want to buy or build a modular house in Spain?

Same requirements and procedures to build a traditional home as they must be anchored to an urbanizable land. It will be necessary:

  • Project approved by the college of architects of Alicante for example, if you reside there.
  • Building license
  • Habitability certificate: to legitimize urban planning permits and the project, which proves that it is suitable for people to live in.
  • Compliance with current regional and local urban regulations.

Considered a real estate for all legal and financial purposes, it can be sold, rented and mortgaged. Therefore, the Building Management Law (LOE) and the Technical Building Code (CTE) must be taken into account.

What procedures should I follow if I want to buy and live in a mobile prefabricated house in Spain?

Mobile homes are considered movable property, basically as if it were a caravan. It has many legal advantages; less bureaucratic paperwork and technical requirements.

  • They do not need a building license, because there is no foundation or any type of interlocking in the field.
  • They do not need to be registered in the Spanish Property Registry
  • Consult the local council because there may be some kind of particular requirement.
  • You can get personal financing.

As they are movable property, are regulated by article 335 of the Civil Code and UNE-EN 1647.

If you want more information about alternative housing and ways of living, Naranja Spain can help you. We are a real estate agency located south of Alicante, in Guardamar del Segura. We have land for sale with mobile homes and prefabricated houses already around the countryside of Guardamar, Algorfa, Ciudad Quesada, Rojales and more. Also a largecatalog of traditional propertiesif you also had it as an option.

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